Chad Graham is proud to serve as Bedford County Mayor and is working hard to make Bedford better for everyone. Chad cherishes his community and wants it to become the very best place to live and do business in Tennessee. He was raised and educated here, works here and along with his wife Denise, brought up his family here.

As a Conservative Republican, Chad understands that when government is run more like a business, it is more efficient and provides a better investment for the taxpayer. He believes the primary purpose of county government is to: Educate our Children, Provide Public Safety and Support Infrastructure that Leads to Better Economic Development.

Chad has served in both private and public sectors—so he has unique experience and insight on how to best combine these powerful forces to make our county better—he knows both sides and he especially knows how to get things done. For 17+ years, Chad served as the Director of Bedford County’s Emergency Medical Services and currently he works in private business and serves on the Bedford County School Board.

Chad also understands that Bedford County has a great opportunity to take advantage of the dramatic growth in Middle Tennessee.

“We need to attract more businesses and good paying jobs – that’s the key to improving the quality of life for everyone in the county. But at the same time, we need to preserve our way of life and that can be done through proper economic development and smart growth,” Chad said recently.

While in office, Chad is focusing on Better Schools, Better Public Safety and Better Infrastructure.

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