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Better Education

In order to improve the quality of life in Bedford County and achieve sustainable growth for our future, we must invest in our children’s education. Our school buildings, athletics facilities and multi-use spaces must be updated. While in office, I am working to build a competitive salary and benefit structure to bring the best and brightest teachers to our schools and keep them here. And we must bring in 21st century career technical training programs to allow us to be competitive in today’s job market and attract new industry. Having a great education system is not just about properly educating our own children, but also about attracting job-supplying companies that seek to relocate. One of the primary factors they use to determine where to relocate is the state of education in their community they are considering

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Better Safety Needs

Our public safety needs are a top priority to our administration. As the former Director of Bedford EMS for 17+ years, I understand the importance of public safety. I am working to implement a strategic plan to address our growth and the demands placed on our 911 systems, police, fire and EMS, as well as making sure all agencies have adequate staffing and updated equipment. We are focusing on competitive pay and benefits that attract and keep high performing professionals because it’s always more expensive to hire and train new employees, than to keep good employees. A safer community is a better community and one that provides a better quality and an attractive place for people and businesses that are looking to relocate.


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Better Infrastructure

I believe that Bedford County can enjoy similar growth that some of our neighbors have seen through an effective and efficient Infrastructure improvement campaign. My administration is working to better collaboration and communication across all agencies and ensure success at every level. We are focusing on aggressively recruiting new industry and workforce development to our community. New industry and jobs will bring stronger retail options and an overall boost to the Bedford economy. We are implementing strategies to manage growth and use it to our county’s benefit. Let’s grow Bedford County while maintaining our small community environment and traditional values.

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